Manipal University and EICAR seek to expand partnership

By 31 mai 2015août 16th, 2015Actualité / News

Dr. Nandini Lakshmikantha, the Director of the School of Communication (SOC) of Manipal University, India met with EICAR Director, Adrien Lanté and the Head of the International Department, Bob Swaim to explore the possibilities of extending the EICAR film program to Manipal journalists and new media students.

Some of the suggestions included were not limiting the EICAR post-graduate program only to Manipal film students but opening it up to SOC from the journalism and new media studies, as well as including Bachelor graduates in a 4th year BA cycle at EICAR.

At the end of her visit, Dr. Lakshmikantha said, “It was important to spend time with the EICAR team. I was very impressed by the quality of your programs, your professional faculty and the cutting edge technology you apply. It was important for me to come here, as it was important for Director Bob Swaim to have visited us. We both understand better how our programs can complement each other.”