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Master Classes at Brussels international film festival

By 7 avril 2016janvier 16th, 2017Actualité / News

Bob Swaim, Director of EICAR’s International Department was invited by the Brussels International Film Festival to deliver two Master Class lectures during the Festival’s “Media Day” destined for cinema students and young filmmakers.This year’s theme was“How to Get Your First Film Produced”.

Sharing the stage with Bob Swaim was Belgium’s award-winning, and foremost producer,Diana Elbaum. Bob Swaim approached the theme as a director and Diana Elbaum from a producer’s perspective. As one student put it, “it was two different sides to the same coin.” The event was moderated by the Festival President, and film producer, Pascal Diot.

Director Swaim was flattered and pleased by the Festival’s initiative and was particularly impressed by producer Diana Elbaum’s lecture and invited her to lecture at EICAR as part of the International Department’s 2016 program. “It’s rare for film students to have the “tips and tricks” of how to get your film made, directly from a producer. It would be a terrific class for our international students”, said Swaim, “and I’m excited about Diana’s interest in coming to EICAR. »

This year the Festival, in addition to it’s Official Competition and Master Classes, featured a tribute to the past 40 years of Independent Cinema with a panorama of films from the four corners of the globe.

Director Bob Swaim, producers Diana Elbaum, Pascal Diot

Director Bob Swaim, producers Diana Elbaum, Pascal Diot