Tournage la balance

La nuit de Saint-Germain

LA NUIT DE SAINT GERMAIN DES PRÈS (1977) starring Michel Galabru, Mort Shuman, and for the first time on screen, a young talented actor named Daniel Auteuil.

Léo Malet

La nuit de St Germain des prés, the first Bob Swaim’s feature film marked the re-discovery of a long forgotten french writer Léo Malet, and introduced his character, Nestor Burma, to a new generation of mystery fans.

Topor (1971)

En 1969, Bob Swaim rencontre Roland Topor avec qui il co-écrira

The early years (1949)

Robert F. Swaim was born in Chicago in 1943. Bob came to France as a student to work on his doctorate in ethnology. He studied at the College de France with Claude Levi-Strauss and with Georges Ballandier at L'Ecole des Langues Orientales.